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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short-term loan?
A payday advance is considered a short term loan designed to help you pay unplanned finances. This type of service is paid off with an upcoming origin of financial gain, like a paycheck or government payment. After the income is verified the borrowed funds are deposited to you through your bank within the next day of requesting the advance, although this may vary depending on the provider.

Who qualifies for this type of service?
It is a very easy service to be approved for.

A stable income through employment or alternative source is required.
Throughout the month your income must be at least $1000.
A valid bank account is necessary for deposit of the funds.
There is an age restriction, all borrowers must be 18 years old.
These loans are restricted to citizens of the United States.

Do I need a special bank account ?
No. But you will need to make sure that Direct Deposit is enabled on your bank account. For this reason it will be easy to quickly transfer money to you. Once the money is in your bank account you will be able to utilize the money anyway you desire.

How safe is it to sign up online?
Signing up online is one of the safest routes to obtaining the funding you need. To find out more about the security of our online form please see our security information.

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